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Yes, It Can Be Done, Even with Children!

From the introduction to our Ultimate Field Survival Guide book:

Our ultimate field trip was a 20 day trip that included leaving from North Alabama to follow the Lewis and Clark Trail all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  Since then we’ve also made numerous trips to Boston, Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, VA.  We have even made several trips on the North Alabama Birding Trail.  Every trip, short and long, is an adventure for us.

But if family traveling is new to you, you might want to start with something smaller than a 3-week, 7,000 mile trip for the first time out!  Here are some general suggestions for any size trip. 

Start by asking others who have traveled to the area(s) you’re going.  Other travelers can often be your best source of suggestions.  As you get started in the planning process, figure out the route and an approximate schedule, but be sure to factor in some flexibility.

We've put together a booklet with Field Trip/Travel book with our suggestions and a Travel Lapbook Kit that you can personalize for your family's trip.  We've also written several travel books from trips that we've taken in the last few years.