Creative Learning Connection
Making the Connection Between Fun and Learning

 CLC will close its doors permanently

after Tuesday, December 13.

All Used Materials $1 each between now and then; New Items are 50% off!


Between now and then we will be open

our regular hours.

Regular Hours of Operation for Our Local Store:

   Tuesday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Thursday:  10 AM to 5 PM
Closed Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday.


Other items for sale include:

Blue Double Sided Shelves-6-$25.00 each (W57' W50' D18")

Large Blue Bookcase-1-$25.00 (H66' W48" D21")

Small Bookcases (match Desk)-2-$10.00 each (H36" W28" D10")

Cash Register-1-$25.00

Chairs, Misc.-several-$3.00 each

Large Cupboard w/doors, brown-1-$15.00 

Dover Spinner Rack (holds small Dover)-1-$5.00 (H57")

Dover Spinner Racks (holds 8.5 x 11 books)-3-$5.00 each (H70")

File Cabinet, White (2 drawers)-1-$5.00 

Large Curriculum Fair Racks-9-$3.00 each (various sizes/styles)

Misc Binding Combs-lots-various prices (but all cheap!)

Misc Framed Pictures-lots-$1.00 each

Misc Framed Puzzles-lots-$1.00 each

Paper Holders-2-$5.00 each (H16" W19" D12")

Wooden Podium-1-$20.00 

Poster Holder (Plywood/Presswood)-1-$5.00 (H46" W29" D10")

Quad (Heavy Duty Metal Shelves)-1-$12.00 (H54" W4')

Racks and Shelves, Misc.-lots-$1.00 each

Bookcase from classroom, white-$10.00 

Square Spinner Rack-1-$5.00 (H76" Base 20")

Table Top Dover (holds small Dover)-1-$1.00 

Table, 6 foot, wooden-2-$5.00

Table, 8 foot, plastic-1-$25.00

Tables, 4 foot, folding-1-$15.00

Triangular Shelf Set-1-$5.00 (H5' W2' w/10 metal shelves)

Triangular Shelf Set-1-$5.00 (H6' W2' w/9 plastic shelves)
There is also a growing number of free items, including several couches.

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