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 There are some GREAT workshops for teachers who are interested in learning about history, govenrment, and economics.  (I am sure there are great ones on other topics too, these just happen to be the ones I know about at this time.)  And yes, in most cases, homeschool parents do count as teachers! 

A great way to spend a week as a student, and really get excited about a particular topic!  (And most of them will cost you almost nothing to attend...though that varies widely from one to another, so be sure to check all that out if you are considering applying.)

Be sure to check out the deadlines and the requirements as workshops for 2010 start being posted on the various websites.


NEH (National Endowment of the Humanities)

These are absolutely wonderful.  I stumbled upon them many years ago, and have now been to six of them!  They have each been very different, but I have enjoyed every one of them!  They actually say they are open to public school, private school, and homeschool teachers, but we are still generally the only homeschool parents in attendance.  If you have more questions, I may be able to answer them, and I can give you more details on any of the ones I've attended:  James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Mount Vernon, Congress and the Capitol, Stony the Road We Trod (Civil Rights in Alabama), and The Color Line (Civil Rights in Atlanta).


FTE (Foundation for Teaching Economics)

If you are teaching Economics, or just want a better background for the history you are teaching, these are a great help!  I attended the Right Start for Economics, a Conference for newer Economics teachers, in January and Economic Issues in American History in July.  I learned so much in both, and really enjoyed them!  Also welcomes homeschool educators!


Street Law (Supreme Court Institute)

This was one of the most expensive workshops I attended, but it was well worth it!  They do not openly welcome homeschoolers.  I have found the information I learned here to be extremely valuable in my role as Government Club Advisor, and in Youth Legislature in Montgomery.


Teaching American History

I just learned about these workshops put on by Ashland University, but I've heard they are great, and the list looks fantastic!

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Two other great resources for teachers:



 My new favorite place on the internet!!! Here you can find GREAT downloads on all sorts of topics -- many free, and most for inexpensive prices.  We have uploaded over 80 items -- and there are thousands of others to choose from!

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