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The current Summer and Fall 2016 schedule is available here.

We work hard to offer a variety of classes for homeschoolers in the time and space that Creative Learning Connection is available.  But please understand that we are merely offering the space for these classes -- you, as a parent, are contracting with the individual teacher for their services.  If you make a decision to enroll in a class, please understand that the requirements and expectations need to be worked out between the teacher, the parents, and the students.  If you are ever unhappy with a teacher, we would like to know, so that we can keep that in mind for future arrangements we make (or don't make) with that teacher.  But, please keep in mind, that we are not hiring these teachers -- you are. (On the same token, please be sure to pay your teacher(s) the agreed amounts...None of the teachers at CLC are charging much for their time and effort.)

 We currently have one classroom here at CLC that we use for classes.  If you would like to teach a class here, please read over our Policy for Teachers, and then contact Cathy at .  


We also try to keep an ongoing list of Opportunites Elsewhere.  There is no shortage of great opportunites for homeschoolers in this area!  If you know of something I should add to that page, please let me know at