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Art Appreciation

Art in a new and fun way, for adults and students of all ages. When we think of great art, many of us are intimidated by all that we don't know. We envision learning about a variety of artists and trying to make sense of all that we are seeing. But art appreciation doesn't have to be that difficult! Catherine, Deirdre, and friends have created a new series of art apprection with a twist. Their series, Enjoying Great Art, introduces adults and students of all ages to dozens of paintings gathered not by a historical period or a particular artist, but topically - around a variety of topics that will thrill even the most reluctant art student.  The books are not cluttered with excessive information - just great paintings, with their titles, artists, and years - generally arranged in chronological order.

You can look through these paintings that span many centuries, and notice the similarities and the differences between them…See the colors, the textures and patterns, and more. Take note of whether there are people included in the different paintings, and if so, if men, women, or children are more often portrayed. But, most of all, enjoy!