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Please Note: We would prefer all Consignment credit to be used by the end of August 2016, but we will still be honoring it in September. But any books that have been consigned and not sold should be picked up by the end of August if the owner wants to reclaim any of them.

We are no longer taking books on consignment. We will be doing "instant credit" between now and the end of September - but only when the owner is in.

Please call or email before you bring books in to trade to ensure that she will be at CLC. 

Trades will be for 33% of what the owner plans to price the books at.

* * * * *

We still have thousands of used homeschool books, good literature,

and other good books for sale.

Contact us to see if we have what you are looking for: or 256-325-3305.

Or stop by and see for yourself...We have customers who come

from over 100 miles to shop with us. 

(But be sure to check our hours before you come -- we're generally

only open 3 days a week!)


Please call (256-325-3305) or email (

before you bring Used Books in to trade to be sure that Cathy will be in.

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CPSIA Legislation

Effective February 10, 2009 the laws for selling and reselling Children's Products changed drastically in our country.   My book on our fight against CPSIA is available as a free download at now.  

* * * *

Buying Used Books

We have a very extensive inventory of books and materials available on consignment:  countless Bob Jones, A Beka, Alpha Omega, and Christian Liberty Press titles.  We also get Saxon Math in on a fairly regular basis (and Sonlight occasionally!) And we have thousands of good reading books.  If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to email or call, and we will check on it for you.  (If you call and no one is available, please do not leave a message...It is best to call back so we can check while you are on the phone.)


We try to screen the used books that we allow to be consigned, but please understand that it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure the materials you purchase from us (both new and used) will work for your family, and that they do not contain any material your family would find objectionable. 


We no longer take books on consignment.

If you brought books in for consignment, you may pick up anything that hasn't sold - you need to find them on the shelf and show them to us before you take them out.

For anyone who brought books in for consingment earlier, you can see our old Consignment policy here.