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History -- Lapbooks and More

Cathy's comments:

I love history!  I love studying history, and I love teaching history.  And generally, when I study something, I research it in great deal, teach about it, and then write about it.

Timelines -- A great way to study History.  So we've developed many Timeline Games & much more to help with History studies.  We've also developed many Unit Studies to go along with our history studies.

We've also written many booklets, and put together numerous Lapbook Kits, to make studying history fun and easy!  If you are new to lapbooking, or are confused by lapbooking, we have put together a 3 page information pdf, that you can download from for free.

Alabama History: We now have a selection of Madison County history resources at CLC, in addition to an Alabama Lapbook (and one for Tennessee, Georgia, and Alaska...)

Civil War Topical Study

Orig.: $16.00
Sale: $8.00

The Americans Revolt: Teaching the American Revolution through Plays, a Timeline Game, and other Mini Units

Orig.: $16.00
Sale: $8.00

Understanding the Electoral College (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Understanding the U.S. Constitution (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


The Rocky Road to Civil Rights in the United States (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Jamestown: The Birth of a Nation (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Jamestown Lap Book Masters by Catherine Jaime

This lapbook by Catherine Jaime, Dee Fuller, and Lela Speck includes wonderful photos by Dee Fuller and Alison Cox...


George Washington Lapbook Masters

Orig.: $4.00
Sale: $3.75

3 Branches of Government Lapbook Masters

This set is designed to help you and your students learn aout the 3 branches of government: Executive, Judicial, and Legislature.  It includes pictures, quotes from the appropriate sections of the Constitution, and a Word/Definitions Matching Section (complete with an answer sheet). 


Abraham Lincoln Lapbook Masters


Presidents Lapbook Masters


Presidential Pets (Dover Coloring book)

We are excited to carry Dover's new Presidential Pets Coloring Book!


A Brief Introduction to the Lewis & Clark Expedition (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


York Proceeded On (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Lewis & Clark Deluxe Game by Catherine Jaime


Lewis & Clark Expedition Jaime Style (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Lewis & Clark Board Game by Catherine Jaime


Lewis & Clark Unit Study (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


Lewis & Clark Lap Book Kit by Catherine Jaime

Orig.: $6.00
Sale: $3.00

Lewis & Clark Expedition Time-line Game Kit


The National Parks: Our Nations Classrooms by Deidre Fuller


National Parks Lap Book Masters by Deirdre Fuller


A Brief History of New York City (paperback by Catherine Jaime)


New York City Lap Book by Catherine Jaime

Orig.: $6.00
Sale: $3.00

South America Lapbook Masters

 Now available for sale as a pdf download at


Titanic Lapbook Masters


Vacation Lapbook Masters


Alabama Lapbook Kit Masters


Lapbooking Made Easy by Catherine Jaime and Dee Fuller